Gittin Off Zero


"Gittin' Off Zero" was a street phrase used by Raymond Tatum and his associates back in the early 1980s that has evolved into  an expression to convey the urgency and drive to better one's self, family and community regardless of external factors that seem to hinder that improvement. Tatum's idea of motivating the black community as a collective drove him to create Gittin' Off Zero, an upward bound  mindset seeking to inspire the Black communities and all communities worldwide, Tatum decided to establish Gittin' Off Zero as a company, taking it from a simple slogan used by he and his associates, to a lifestyle that inspires millions.  

7 7 principles of gittin' off zero


Strengthen your mental capacity, be open and aware of  your surroundings. 

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Dr. Joy DeGruy


Maintain a healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen, it can aid a long and happy life. 


Draw a closer relationship to whatever higher power you believe in.


Maintain reading habits, seek knowledge that betters yourself and your community. 


Seek monetary wealth, using it for both personal aspirations and communal change.


Become familiar with candidates in local and national elections, and knowledgable of the laws that govern where you live.


Establish healthy relationships with those around you. Be open minded to beliefs and customs different from your own. 

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